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Sphatik Mala

    What is Sphatik Mala ?

    Sphatik Mala is made of natural transparent Quartz Gemstone found in earth crust of Himalayan region and various part of the world. Original Sphatik Mala beads are made from best quality colourless quartz crystal stones. Naturally, found original pure quartz crystal is white or colourless with minor inclusions depending on the quality of crystal. Sphatik Mala known by various names like Clear Quartz Rosary, Spadiga Malai, Spatik Mala, Quartz Crystal Rosary etc.  in different region of country and world

    Sphatik Mala helps to cool down the body and calm down the mind of an men and women as soon as possible.

    Significance of Sphatik Mala

    The Sphatik mala has excellent reputation for numerous healing and spiritual properties. This crystal harmonizes aura of surrounding, removes negative energy, enhances peace, beauty, concentration, patience, focus etc. It also enhances energy by absorbing, storing, amplifying, balancing, and transmitting

    This auspicious sphatik mala used for chanting of vedic mantras in Hinduism. Apart from Hinduism, men and women from Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Jainism uses spatika as Japa mala or prayer beads.

    Uses of Sphatik Mala

    1. Mantra Chanting / Prayer Beads

    2. Necklace or Chain made in thread or silver / gold

    3. Hand chain / Bracelet

    Type of Sphatik Mala

    1. Plain Round Bead Sphatik Mala

    2. Diamond Cut (Large Face) Bead Sphatik Mala

    3. Diamond Cut (Fine Face) Bead Sphatik Mala

    How to Test Original Sphatik Mala Beads / Quartz Crystal Rosary

    The biggest thing is to choose the real Sphatik or quartz gemstone from a group of synthetic stones that are available in most of the shops. You should always use the natural and original Sphatik stones in your rosary. If not then, it will not be helpful to you anymore.

    So, here we are going to talk about some tests that will help you to identify the real Sphatik gemstones –

    (1) Sphatik are naturally Cool in nature, you will feel natural coolness while touching beads with hand or neck of your body. Its temperature will always be less than surrounding environment temperature.

    (2) Original Sphatik will always have inclusion / impurity, it will be visible as fine crack / line inside beads, reflects on putting light. Higher quality Sphatik will have lesser inclusions. Artificial Sphatik mala beads are generally made of glass or synthetic plastic fiber. Very low price sphatik mala sold online or offline are made of these artificial materials.

    (3) When you rub Sphatik beads together then it will Sparks which will be visible in dark room. Sphatik with poor surface finish, higher cracks & impurity produces more Spark. Rubbing beads can damage crystal by putting scratches on surface, chip off's etc so spark test not recommended.

    (4) Original sphatik beads always traps light inside the crystal, it will glow like light bulb when fall light fall on its surface.

    (5) Lab Test - Best & recommended method to identify natural Sphatik, Test Certificate from govt registered test lab will help in identifying natural Sphatik based on parameters like hardness, inclusion's, color, internal structure, crystal formation etc.

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