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1 to 21 Mukhi Rudraksha 


Power of Rudraksha



Rudraksha is a term that is used to refer to the broad leaved evergreen trees that can be commonly found in the areas lying between the Gangetic plains and the foothills of the Himalayas. When fully ripe, a thin blue color outer shell covers the seeds of Rudraksh. It is owing to this reason that, sometimes the Rudraksha seeds are also known as blueberry beads. The Rudraksha beads have a lot of significance. Rudraksha is a popular traditional Indian medicine that is extensively used to treat several kinds of diseases. To know more about what is Rudraksa, read on…

In this section, we will throw light on the following aspects that will make the meaning of Rudraksh absolutely clear to you.
A person who wears Rudraksha gets all his sins washed and heads his way towards his ultimate destination. The devotees of Lord Shiva are usually given Rudraksha for peace. A person tends to become pure after wearing the Rudraksha beads. People are of the belief that, a person who offers food to the wearer of Rudraksha reaches Rudraloka i.e. the Loka or kingdom of Lord Rudra. To know more about the power of Rudraksha, read on.

The wearer of Rudraksha attains salvation and thus gets liberation from the cycle of death and rebirth. It is believed that, a person who chooses to wear Rudraksha with pearls, crystal, silver, gold and other precious stones acquires the form of Lord Shiva. There is a lot of significance of wearing Rudraksa beads. It not just pleases Lord Shiva, but thrills the deities of all nine planets.
Rudraksha is an integral part of Lord Shiva. Since it is so dear to the Lord, all the devotees of Shiva must wear it. The importance of Rudraksh can be felt even by seeing it. It helps a great deal in lessening the pain and sufferings of people. It fulfills all the desires and wishes of the wearer. Rudraksh eliminates the fear of untimely death. Since times immemorial, people have been wearing Rudraksh for good health, wealth, attainment and salvation.

Benefits of Rudraksha

  • Rudraksh is one of the best means to invite the Goddess of wealth.

  • There is no fear of untimely death to the wearer of Rudraksh.

  • It helps in awakening the Kundilini.

  • It paves way for peace and harmony in life.

  • It helps a great deal in controlling stress levels.

  • It enhances self power.


History of Rudraksha


There is an interesting legend associated with Rudraksh. In this article, we will provide you with information on the origin & history of Rudraksha. The term Rudraksh basically refers to the tears of Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva meditated for several years for the wellbeing of all creatures. But, when he opened his eyes to see around, he saw people in pain. To know the complete story of Rudraksha, read on.

Lord Shiva could not see the sufferings and miseries of people and started shedding hot drops of tears. Mother Nature transformed the tears and gave birth to the Rudraksh trees. The other names for Lord Shiva are Rudra and the Lord of tears. Rudra is a term used to refer one who relieves others from sufferings and pain. There are different forms of Rudra, namely Water, Earth, Fire, Air, Sun, Space, Moon etc.
To grow a plant, we water it on a regular basis. Like the plants need to be nurtured with water constantly, similarly to please the Rudra, there arises a need to perform Rudrajapa. By doing so, one tends to attain peace and real pleasure of life. So, let all of us get together and chant Sri Rudram with full devotion. This in turn will help us achieve our ultimate destination.

Types of Rudraksha Beads

Rudraksha beads are basically the tears of Lord Shiva that rolled down his eyes after seeing the sufferings of people. It is owing to this reason that these Rudraksha beads are considered to be of paramount importance. In the eyes of people, Rudraksh beads are the gift of God to mankind. There are various types of Rudraksha beads available, each having its own importance. To know about the different kinds of Rudraksh beads, read on.

1 Mukhi

It is one of the costliest beads, which is rarely available. It is known to bring luxury, power, wealth, and enlightenment.

2 Mukhi

It helps in building healthy relationships. It is believed to control all negativities.

3 Mukhi

It aids in boosting the confidence of the wearer, thus enabling him to cope with tough situations.

4 Mukhi

It helps a great deal in developing the power of speech. It is very beneficial for treating the problem of stammering..

5 Mukhi

It raises the concentration level and power of gaining knowledge.

6 Mukhi

It is known to bring wealth, power, name and fame. It helps the wearer in achieving eternal bliss.

7 Mukhi

It helps a person achieve what he desires. It enables a person to prosper academically.

8 Mukhi

It brings wealth and luxury. It helps to ward off evil spirits and get rid of various forms of diseases.

9 Mukhi

It is said to be associated with confidence, good character, happiness and sound health.

10 Mukhi

It enables a person to earn loads of wealth. It is said to be associated with vigor and vitality.

11 Mukhi

It helps a person to overcome all his fears and insecurities.

12 Mukhi

It is suitable for those who wish to acquire an influential position. It is believed to be associated with charismatic personality.

13 Mukhi

It is said to bring liberation from the worldly pleasures.

14 Mukhi

It is associated with power and authority.

15 Mukhi

It enhances the concentration power, thus enabling the person to acquire greater knowledge.

16 Mukhi

It paves way for success and prosperity. It enables a person to achieve all the comforts of life.

17 Mukhi

It helps in washing all the sins of the wearer, thus enabling him to attain Moksha.

18 Mukhi

It helps in improving the immune system of the wearer. Thus, it aids in keeping away the diseases.

19 Mukhi

It is believed to bless the wearer with marital and offspring happiness.

20 Mukhi

It is meant for those who want to leave all the worldly pleasures and attain Moksha. It is usually worn by saints and Brahmins.

21 Mukhi

It protects the wearer from all the evils.

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